UPSC Exam Calendar 2023 Exam dates & Schedule check

We are going to talk about the exam date of UPSC Exam Calendar 2023 here, where you people will also know about its schedule, which serial is finally available to watch or by extracting a lot of good information. Coming where the exam calendar by UPSC, which is going to be a very important PDF for those who are preparing in 2023, according to the information, here is the exam dates of UPSC exam calendar 2023

And the schedule is provided below which you guys can check all the information is placed here please prepare well in advance and try your best to make UPSC easy but tell that it is very difficult and its Can be found out when the exam will be conducted and how much preparation you guys are yet to do because it is a dream of motor boys to clear UPSC and it is seen that many boys speak with a lot of hard work which Even if you prepare, here you will find people to see the UPSC exam calendar.

upsc exam calendar 2023

UPSC exam will be held on 15 January 2023 those who are preparing for more than one exam check the dates as soon as possible and the uploaded calendar is uploaded in group 1.pdf which is available through the official portal of UPSC Can be downloaded from Recently, such news is coming out from the official website of the government, where it is seen that the UPSC exam calendar can be very useful for many people.

Civil Services Examination Date

The civil service exam date is available to see which is considered as UPSC. Many candidates who are preparing for the camp exam to get secure and well-paid general jobs in the central government, they should also visit here. But should check that to provide time to the candidates the civil service exam dates were announced in the month of May last year itself and the syllabus of the exam is available post wise to see who you guys are. According to the post you are preparing for, you can also prepare the syllabus of the exam.

The dates of the exam help us here to prepare you guys to concentrate on your studies mentally if you guys already know the date of the exam then your mind for that becomes much more even faster

Because of which you start concentrating even more in studies, it is seen here that you can cover the syllabus as much as possible of the subjects, if you know the date of the exam, then tell that here UPSC Prelims 2030 28 This exam will be organized on May 2023 and the candidates should gear up here, which is available to see here that now this time is going to come very soon, so you people should also prepare very fast.

upsc schedule check

You people can check the schedule of UPSC 2023 here, which has been provided by telling here, the schedule of RTS for 2023 of the Union Public Commission Examination Recruitment Test has also been provided here and the syllabus here

UPSC Exam Calendar 2023 Exam dates & Schedule check
UPSC Exam Calendar 2023 Exam dates & Schedule check

Along with this, everything has been issued to you guys from the date to tell that the date of notification here the beginning of the examinations and the period RNT can be changed if the circumstances may warrant so let us know It is seen here that the government has also said this thing clearly that they can be changed but no specific change can be seen here, it can be almost exact.

Schedule of Union Public Service Commission Examination / Recruitment Test (RTS) -2023 of examdate of notificationLast date for receipt of application exam start  dateexam duration
1.Reserved for UPSC RT/Exam15.01.2023 (Sunday)1 day
2.ENGINEERING SERVICES (PRELIMINARY) EXAMINATION, 202314.09.2022 04.10.202219.02.2023 (Sunday)1 day
3.COMBINED GEO-SCIENTIST (PRELIMINARY) EXAMINATION, 202321.09.202211.10.202219.02.2023 (Sunday)1 day
4.Reserved for UPSC RT/Exam19.02.2023 (Sunday)1 day
5.CBI (DSP) LDCE, 202330.11.202220.12.202211.03.2023(Saturday)2 days
6.CISF AC (EXE) LDCE-202330.11.202220.12.202212.03.2023(Sunday)1 day
7.Reserved for UPSC RT/Exam12.03.2023 (Sunday)1 day
8.NDA & NA Examination (I), 202321.12.202210.01.202316.04.2023 (Sunday)1 day
10.Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2023 01.02.2023 21.02.2023 28.05.2023 (Sunday) 1 day
1 1редIndian Forest Service (Preliminary) Examination, 2023 through CS (P) Examination 2023
12.IES/ISS EXAMINATION, 202319.04.202309.05.202323.06.2023(Friday)3 days
13.COMBINED GEO-SCIENTIST (MAIN) EXAMINATION, 202324.06.2023 (Saturday)2 days
14.ENGINEERING SERVICES (MAIN) EXAMINATION, 202325.06.2023(Sunday)1 day
15.Reserved for UPSC RT/Exam02.07.2023 (Sunday)1 day
16.COMBINED MEDICAL SERVICES EXAMINATION, 202319.04.202309.05.202316.07.2023(Sunday)1 day
17.Central Armed Police Forces (AC) Examination, 202326.04.202316.05.202306.08.2023(Sunday)1 day
18.Reserved for UPSC RT/Exam20.08.2023 (Sunday)1 day
19.NDA & NA Examination (II), 202317.05.202306.06.202303.09.2023 (Sunday)1 day
21.Civil Services (Main) Examination, 202315.09.2023(Friday)five days
22.Reserved for UPSC RT/Exam08.10.2023 (Sunday)1 day
23.Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 202326.11.2023(Sunday)Ten days
24.SO/Steno (GD-B/GD-I) LDCE13.09.202303.10.202309.12.2023(Saturday)2 days
25.Reserved for UPSC RT/Exam17.12.2023 (Sunday)1 day
Note: The date of notification, commencement and duration of examinations/RT is subject to change, if circumstances so warrant.

The above given time table is sharing all the certified details of the exam by the Government of India where it is seen that the applicants who still have any doubt can visit the official page here like UPSC There will not be an opportunity to miss the exam, here it is clearly covered in the PDF that whatever the date of the exam here can be changed, if the situation is to see any kind of change If you get it, otherwise the same candidate should prepare for his exam.

How to check UPSC Calendar 2023?

How to check UPSC Calendar 2023: Let us tell you here that the candidates of UPSC can check the calendar issued for the conduct of Civil Services Examination, where the calendar is applicable to all the candidates who are seen. That is, those who are preparing in the Public Service Commission to appear in the examination across the country and have kept hope, then here you will tell people how you can check the UPSC calendar here. You people will also be able to check through the information told to the people.

  • Visit the official portal of Union Public Service Commission
  • Then on the on-page there is an examination tab at the top. As soon as you click on it, a drop down menu will open. There you have to select the exam calendar option.
  • Then a new page will open and select the Annual Calendar link. A PDF will open in which the dates of the exam to be held in the year 2023 will be mentioned.

Must go to the official portal of the Union Public Service Commission and here you will still find a button on the head of the page to see the examination tab, as soon as you click on it, the dropdown menu will open immediately, here you People have to click on the link of the annual calendar, a new page will open and a PDF will open in front of you in marriage, in which you will get to see the mention of the dates of the examination to be held in 2023, which you people will be told here. In this way, if you want, you can also check by visiting the official portal.

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