Mister Mummy Day 2 Box Office Collection 

We want to tell you about the box office collection of Mr. Mummy Movie, which is the box office collection done in it, if I tell you about the second day’s election, it is very easy to see today’s collection there. Let us tell you that this movie is available to be seen in all the theaters of India, mostly let us tell you that if you do not know about the release date of the movie, then the release date of this movie is 18 November 2022 very easily. It has been released in Hindi language only or it is possible to see the most superhit movie of Hindi language, it is seen here that it is very easily seen.

Mister Mummy Day 2 Box Office Collection 

Mister Mummy Day 2 Box Office Collection 
budgetApprox 40 Crore
day 17.0 Crore
day 24.0 cr
Total Collection11 cr

Let us talk about the budget collection of this movie, I want to tell about the day wise collection, which is available to see its second day collection, zero point is available to see only 4 crores, in the same way this movie earns a lot. And tell about its budget that ₹ 400000000 or the movie is made in Hindi language only, which gets to see its first day’s collection, it gets to see only 750 crores and after its second day’s collection Talking about it, one gets to see its second collection, 4 point 0 crore rupees only.

This is what we talk about total earning is ₹ 110000000 only, at least this movie has the potential to earn 50 crores, now whether it will be able to earn 50 crores in future, keep watching, stay with us and visit our website Keep getting very good information through and whatever information will be given to you through our rain, it will not be given officially, but it will be given by guessing.

20% drop in 2nd day collection

We want to tell you here about the drop of 20% in the collection of the second day, which very easily has dropped by 20% in this movie, which if you want to see Mr. Mummy movie, then you are very This issue can easily be seen while talk about its first day collection Europe then 7 point zero crores of rupees was earned whereas it can be seen in its second day collection which is 4 point zero Crores of rupees were earned, but it is seen that the total earning was ₹ 110000000.


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