Mister Mummy Day 1 Box Office Collection & more

Here we are going to talk about the first day collection of Mister Mummy Movie, which is very easy to see its first day collection and so let’s talk about its release date in India. Where was it released, it has already been deleted in all the theaters of India, that means it has been released only on 8th November 2022 and talk about its booking report, people had already done it an earthquake. In the same way,

we talk about who’s language, then its language has been released from Hindi to Hindi language only, let’s talk about the country, it will be seen in all the theaters of India, which is a very good superhit movie Hindi. The movie is considered to be a very popular movie in India, for which people had already booked tickets in theaters to watch it, while its trailer was seen first.If you want to watch a movie, then you can easily watch it in movie theaters.

Mister Mummy Day 1 Box Office Collection

Mister Mummy Day 1 Box Office Collection & more
Movie nameMister Mummy
CastRiteish Deshmukh, Genelia Deshmukh,
Release date18 Nov, 2022

Let us talk about the complete details of this movie, which we will tell you that what is the name of the artist of this movie, the name of the artist of this movie is Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia Deshmukh, you will get to see all these actors who Let us tell you that even if you see all these actors, you will not have any problem, let us talk about the release date, which will be seen on 18 November 2022 or the movie and will be available in all the theaters of India. Will be released in theaters, which we tell you about its country and about the language can be seen in Hindi language only.

Mister Mummy Movie Budget, Hit or Flop, Box Office Collection

Let’s talk about the hit and flop and box office collection of this movie, which we have given you information through the table below, you can see it very easily and it is here that it is The movie is running very well till now but that movie has become of flowers in today’s day, now this movie can be a hit in the future.

budgetApprox 40 Crore
day 15-7 Crore
Total Collection5-7 Crore Approx
hit or flopflop

It is seen as these that this movie has been budgeted very low in the collection of the first day and let me tell you, let’s talk about its budget, by spending 40 crores, this movie has been made very well in Hindi language. It has been made and released in theaters, while talking about its first day collection, its first day collection has been collected from seven to ₹ 50000000, which is available to see its total collection 7 to 5 Its total collection is seen in crores, while talking about it, this movie has flopped very well, in today’s day, you will get to see this movie, now going forward or the movie can be a hit, information about it keep getting


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