Gaalodu movie Box Office Collection | budgets | hit or flop & more

Let us tell you that I want to give you information about the box office collection and budget of this movie, which has been rated very easily, that too on 18 November 2022, this mummy will be released in theaters. Get to see and if you want to see the movie of 18 November 2022, then you can watch this movie very well, while we talk about this movie which we have very well below Information has been given in complete detail, now you can also get information about complete detail, similarly it is seen and in all the paragraphs below, you will get to see which box office collection, budget, hit and flop. Information will also be given about which you can very easily get very good information about all these

Gaalodu movie Box Office Collection

GenreRomance, Action
CastSudheer AnandGehna SippySapthagirShakalaka ShankarPrudviSatya Krishna
DirectorP Rajasekhar Reddy
ProducerRaja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla
MusicBheems Ceciroleo
CinematogarphyC. Ram Prasad
Release Date18 November 2022
OTT Release DateTBA
OTT PlatformTBA
Budget8 Cr
ChoreographyBaba Bhaskar, Anish, Venkat Deep
Stunts Wingchoo Anji

Let us talk about the box office collection of this movie, which is very easily seen, talking about its language, its language is Telugu only, and to get such information So let’s just stay on you, let’s talk about the artist’s names, the artist’s name is Sudheer AnandGehna SippySapthagirShakalaka ShankarPrudviSatya Krishna. can only get

Gaalodu movie budgets

Let us talk about this popular movie, which is very easy, so Saiya movie is also considered a popular movie and according to your information, I can tell that you can easily watch this movie, which is The full meaning of the movie is, in which cinema houses this movie has been released, then this movie has been released on 18 number 2022, it is seen in all the theaters of India, while we talk about it in all the theaters of India. You will get to see this movie, if you want to see it, you can see it very easily, so let’s talk about its budget, which has been made by spending 8 crores.

Gaalodu movie hit or flop

Let us talk about the hit and flop of the movie, which is very easily seen by the people of this movie, which you can see, let us talk about the budget, which has been braked 81 crores. In which movie the budget of rupees has been imposed and you will get to see this movie in any theaters of India. Paragraphs and on all of the above you can get very good very good good information if you want to get information


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