Gaalodu Day 1 Box Office Collection & more

Let us talk about this movie, which is very easy to watch, according to your information, I can tell that even if you watch this movie, you will not have any problem and you will This movie is easily seen in theaters and you are sending many more things, in the same way we will keep giving you a lot of information, our information which people were already thinking.

That we will not even see the first one, if all those people could not see then you must watch this movie by booking again because it is seen that this movie was booked very much and very well. It is seen that our money has remained on all the paragraphs below, you can get very good good information, for below, as soon as the paragraphs of

Gaalodu Day 1 Box Office Collection

budget8 Cr
day 1Rs 0.90 crore
Total CollectionRs 0.90 crore
hit or flopflop

I want to tell about the tight budget in the streets, which is very easily visible from the side, according to your information, you can tell that talk about its budget, today’s budget has been imposed on 800 crores, which is your information. According to can tell that this movie has been made very easily by spending 8 crore rupees and talk about its first day is also seen if we talk about first day collection then zero point ₹ 900000000 can be seen

Let’s talk about the total earning there, then here the movie zero point ₹ 900000000 is earned, let’s talk there and then tell about it, this movie has been made by putting the movie absolutely diplomatic 18 crores, to see there Its box office collection is available to see, according to further information, I can tell that you can easily get such information about it, stay on our condition, you can read the options given below, the table above Huh


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