Drishyam 2 First Day Advance Booking report & more

Let us talk about this movie which is the most super hit movie of 2022 and let us tell you about its booking report which is very easily available to see the booking report from where People book it, we want to tell you to get the complete information below, if you want to see this popular modi, then you can easily see this popular modi, according to your information, I can tell That if you watch this movie then this movie has been released in all theaters of India on 18 November 2022 very easily get to watch

Drishyam 2 First Day Advance Booking

Drishyam 2 First Day Advance Booking report & more
LanguageFormatGrossTickets SoldATP
All India30206660 [3.02 Cr]125290

let us talk about its booking report who gets to see how much booking report in india who gets to see booking report in all india talking about all india 30206660 [3.02 Cr] Gets and in the same way a lot of information has also been seen and also we want to tell you very good things below.

Drishyam 2 First Day Advance Booking city wise

Let us tell you how much of this movie has already been booked in the world wide, if we talk about the device of this movie, first of all it was booked in Mumbai 64.37 Lake [93.53 Lake] in this foreign country. Went to National Capital Region (NCR) 49.69 Lake [83.72 Lake] and we want to tell you that it was also booked here with very easy Itra and we are talking about that it was booked in Pune also It is 26.64 Lake [41.7 Lake] where it is available to see Bengaluru 12.31 Lake [19.63 Lake] and we can tell according to your information that it is Kolkata 7.84 Lake [14.28 Lake] and many more booking reports which we have given through the table of keys you can only get through

RegionGross [With Block Seats]
Mumbai64.37 Lake [93.53 Lake]
National Capital Region (NCR)49.69 Lake [83.72 Lake]
Pune26.64 Lake [41.7 Lake]
Bengaluru12.31 Lake [19.63 Lake]
Hyderabad6.96 Lake [15.23 Lake]
Kolkata7.84 Lake [14.28 Lake]
Ahmedabad11.31 Lake [19.98 Lake]
Chennai1.94 Lake [3.98 Lake]
Surat5.66 Lake [10.87 Lake]
Jaipur5.85 Lake [11.33 Lake]
Chandigarh3.09 Lake [6 Lake]
Bhopal92.21 K [1.58 Lac]
Lucknow3.14 Lake [7.88 Lake]
Kanpur1.59 Lake [2.82 Lake]
Nagpur3.25 Lake [5.11 Lake]
They’re gone2.38 Lake [4.22 Lake]
Ludhiana1.05 Lake [2.88 Lake]
Agra50.04 K [1.07 Lac]
Nashik2.78 Lake [3.8 Lake]
Varanasi66.29 K [1.62 Lac]
Rajkot3.4 Lake [6.28 Lake]
Jabalpur66.78 K [83.08 K]
Jamshedpur72.55 K [88.8 K]
Prayagraj (Allahabad)3.28 Lake [3.73 Lake]
Amritsar25.77 K [91.54 K]
Indore4.39 Lake [7.77 Lake]
Raipur2.27 Lake [5.12 Lake]
Bhubaneswar3.03 Lake [4.25 Lake]
Aurangabad1.29 Lake [2.3 Lake]
Solapur36.17 K [90.49 K]
Ranchi91.92 K [1.69 Lac]
Guwahati1.87 Lake [3.02 Lake]
Gwalior83.02 K [1.5 Lac]
Jodhpur56.27 K [2.16 Lac]
Dehradun1.32 Lake [2.27 Lake]
Jalandhar60.77 K [1.53 Lac]
Kota41.89 K [77.18 K]
Patna1.92 Lake [2.53 Lake]
Gandhi Nagar74.84 K [1.73 Lac]
Bhavnagar13.57 K [14.35 K]
Jamnagar73.38 K [1.75 Lac]

As we want to tell you that we have given you the very following above, you can get the information only from them that many states of India have already booked it and let us tell you That if you want to watch this movie, then you can watch it very easily and you can watch it very well.


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