Bhediya Second Day Advance Booking Report

Let’s talk about the booking report of Bhediya’s Second Movie it is very good to see the sad report and you will get much more information through our website very easily released on 23rd May Which is very well seen on 25 November 2022 or Modi, which is available in all the cinema groups of India, so we want to tell you where this movie was first shot and in which language, how much was reported. Gaya means done, you will be given information about it and much more information will be received through our website, so let us tell you very good information through Akarapu on all of the below

Bhediya Second Day Advance Booking Gross

LanguageFormatGrossTickets SoldATP
All India9251938 [92.52 Lac]32141

So let us tell you about its booking report, see its booking report has been done very well in Hindi and also very good in Hindi, very good booking report in Tamil Telugu All India as you can see through cable Can be seen only from here and very good booking report is also available to see, now you will keep getting complete information, you will be sent total information through our website, which you will get very good information through this website of ours. If it will be received, then I want to tell you all the information, so let us tell you how many bookings of this movie was done in All India 9251938 [92.52 Lac] These many bookings were done in All India

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