Adrishyam Day 1 Box Office Collection & more

Here we want to tell you that today we want to tell about the one day collection of Drishya Movie One, which is very easy to see if you have information about its hit and flop and box office collection. If you do not know, then I want to inform you that this movie is very well seen in theaters and talking about its booking report, many people have already booked it from Mumbai. If you want to get more such information, then you can get very good information through our website, which is given very good information, you can read all the paragraphs given below.

Adrishyam Day 1 Box Office Collection

Adrishyam Day 1 Box Office Collection| Budget, Hit or Flop & more
DayIndia Net Collection
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 0.20 Cr * may earn
Total₹ 0.20 Cr

Here we want to talk about the day wise collection of the unseen movie, which is very easy to see the collection of the first day, so let us talk about how much the first day collection or movie gets to see or the movie. First day collection 2 point 2 20 crores only is seen zero point 20 crores rupees is seen which we talk about its total earning till the total earned zero point ₹ 200000000 is seen and its Talking about the release date, when will it be released in theaters, then if you want to come and see it in theaters, then it has been released in very easy ways, which is available to watch on 18 November 2022 or movie

Adrishyam movie Budget, Hit or Flop

Let us talk about the box office collection of the movie Aaj Dil Se, so if you want to see it correctly, then you can easily get information about the budget of this movie, which is Very good very very super hit information has been given and we will talk brother popular very good very super hit movie anyone can see in any theaters in India where it is seen about its budget So this issue has been made by putting a budget of ₹ 10 to ₹ 150000000 which has been made very well in making this movie very easily

budget10-15 cr
hit or flopflop

Tomorrow we talk about this movie, which talks about the feet and plot, till now this movie is seen, which talks about its first day collection, its first day collection is very less to see. We get to see the zero point of 20 crores only, but we are talking about the budget, 10 to ₹ 150000000 is budgeted, so it may be possible to see it in the future and it is very good. keep getting informed


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