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Sickness Benefits
Eligibility: The benefit becomes admissible only after an insured employee has paid contribution for at least 78 days in a contribution period of six months. Sickness Benefit is payable for a maximum of 91 days in two consecutive contribution periods (one year).

Benefit: Payment is made by the concerned Branch Office within 7 days of certification of sickness.

Rate: Just above 70% of the wages. … see rates

Claim procedure: A claim for sickness benefit can be made only on the basis of Medical Certificate issued by the authorized doctors under the Scheme. In exceptional cases alternative evidence of sickness or temporary disablement is accepted by the Corporation.

  • An Insured Person is required to deposit his medical certificate in the box provided at the Dispensary or the Branch office. Or he should ensure that the certificate is presented to the Branch office within 3 day of its issue.
  • He/she should fill-up claim form for Sickness Benefit printed on the certificate itself, or claim form available at Branch Offices, when he/she goes to Branch Office for collecting payment or while submitting the certificate at the pay office, as the case may be.
  • Branch Office staff will assist in filing the claims if so required. In case of pay-offices, Dispensary staff will assist in filing the claims.
  • If the claim is accepted, the same shall be paid immediately by the Branch office and if not found eligible a regret slip will be issued in ESIC-15. In case of Pay-Offices the cashier visits the pay office on an appointed day and disburses the payment. Insured Person can also get payments through money order if they so desire and send a written request to the Branch Office.