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Maternity Benefit

Eligibility: For claiming the benefit an insured woman should have paid contribution for at least 70 days in two consecutive contribution periods i.e. in one year.

Benefit: The benefit is normally payable for 12 weeks which can be further extended upto one month on medical grounds.

Rate: Double the Standard Benefit rate, i.e. equal to full wages. … see rates

Claim procedure: An Insured woman claiming Maternity Benefit during the employment is to submit following documents either personally or by post-

a) Notice of pregnancy to be submitted by the Insured Woman to the Branch Office (Form 19).
b) A certificate of pregnancy (Form 20) issued by the designated IMO/IMP.
c) A certificate of expected confinement (Form-21) issued by an authorized doctor.
d) A benefit claim in Form-22 duly completed.
e) In addition to above, she has also to submit a certificate of confinement in Form-23 within 30 days of date of confinement.

In case of claiming payment after confinement insured women has to submit a certificate in Form-23 alongwith the claim form in Form-22.

In case of miscarriage she has to submit a certificate of miscarriage along with claim in Form 22. Certificate of miscarriage has to be submitted within 30 days. Insured Woman can draw Maternity Benefit on weekly basis. At the time of final payment she should submit Form-28A duly completed by her employer which will be issued by the Branch Office Manager.