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Third Party Bill Passed
Benefit period from 01-01-2017 to 30-06-2017

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IMP-wise Live List of IPs (excluding IPs under SRO Bkp)
Livelist for January to June 2016 ( excl SRO Barrackpur & Durgapur)
Please know that the wage ceiling for coverage of employees under the ESI Act has been enhanced from Rs. 10,000/= p/m to Rs. 15,000/= p/m with effect from 01.05.2010. Necessary gazette notification can be found in
Unemployment Allowance (RGSKY) Scheme improved : Allowance for 12 months and vocational training on contributory condition of 3years.
The Scheme provides full range of medical care
ESIC is computerizing different functions from August 2010 which will enable the employer and employees