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Dependants' Benefit

Eligibility: the deceased should be an employee on the date of fatal employment injury.

Benefit: A widow can receive this benefit on a monthly basis for life or till her re-marriage. A son or daughter can receive this benefit till eighteen years of age. Other dependants like parents including a widowed mother etc. can also receive this benefit under certain conditions.

Rate: Above 88% of the wages earned by the deceased Insured Person at the time of sustaining employment injury to be divided amongst the dependants in the prescribed ratio.

Claim procedure:

  • Dependents of a deceased insured person should contact the Branch Office for claiming the dependant's benefit. The claim clerk will receive them and supply them necessary Forms and furnish all information needed by them. He will also assist them in filing the Claim Form (Form 18).

  • Dependents are required to submit:
    • The evidence of death of the Insured Person having occurred due to an employment injury
    • Evidence that claimants is/are dependent(s).
    • Evidence of age of claimant(s).
    • Evidence that female dependants (widows/daughters).
    • Has/have not remarried or married after the death of an Insured Person.
  • These claims after scrutiny are forwarded to the Regional office and the Regional Office communicates its decision to all the persons who claim the Dependents Benefit. To those who are not found entitled, a letter in Form ESIC-146 will explain why their claim has been rejected. The letter in Form ESIC-147 will indicate the daily rate of benefit of each dependant. For minor dependent the information is sent through the guardian
  • .
  • The dependents should approach the Branch Office with the letter (ESIC-147) for claiming the first payment.
  • Subsequently they can collect Dependents Benefit on first of each month either in person or by Money Order by submitting claims in Form-18A.
  • If dependants are staying in far off places, they can opt for payment from the nearest Branch Office. The Branch Office Manager will transfer all the records to the concerned Branch Office from where payment has been desired to be made by the beneficiary.
  • At the time of claiming Dependent Benefit for the month of June & December every year, the claimant should submit a declaration in Form-27 duly attested by the authorities mentioned there in