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The Scheme provides full range of medical care, namely Out-patient services, Specialists' services and Hospital services through a network of dispensaries, diagnostic centers and ESI Hospitals etc.
Super-specialties are provided to the beneficiaries through the country's most advanced medical institutions for which payments are made directly by the ESI Corporation to the institution concerned.
Sickness Benefit (cash)
Sickness Benefit is payable to an insured person in cash, in the event of sickness resulting in absence from work and duly certified by an authorized insurance medical of¬ficer/practitioner.
Extended Sickness Benefit (Cash)
Extended Sickness Benefit becomes payable to insured persons for the period of certified sickness in case of specified 34 long term diseases which need prolonged treatment and absence from work on medical advice.
Enhanced Sickness Benefit (Cash)
This cash benefit is payable to insured persons in the productive age group for undergoing sterilization operation, viz. vasectomy/tubectomy.
Disablement Benefit (Cash)
Disablement Benefit is payable to insured employees suffering from physical disablement due to employment injury or occupational disease.
Dependants' Benefit (Cash)
Dependants benefit (family pension) becomes payable to dependants of a deceased insured person where death occurs due to employment injury or an occupational disease.
Maternity Benefit (Cash)
Maternity Benefit is payable to insured women in case of confinement or miscarriage or sickness arising out of pregnancy.
Other Benefits
Some other benefits like funeral expenses, rehabilitation allowances etc. are also admissible to deserving insured persons.
Please know that the wage ceiling for coverage of employees under the ESI Act has been enhanced from Rs. 10,000/= p/m to Rs. 15,000/= p/m with effect from 01.05.2010. Necessary gazette notification can be found in
Unemployment Allowance (RGSKY) Scheme improved : Allowance for 12 months and vocational training on contributory condition of 3years.
The Scheme provides full range of medical care
ESIC is computerizing different functions from August 2010 which will enable the employer and employees